Esthetics during and after Pregnancy

Are you a pregnant mother worried about how the pregnancy might affect your appearance? Then, read on to know about how pregnancy might affect your skin and what you can do to prevent or reduce those effects.

Though there are some women who go through pregnancy with their skin hardly affected by it, others experience a variety of skin issues varying from the mildly irritating to the seriously problematic. Some of them, like linea nigra, may gradually go away after child birth, but others like stretch marks might need cosmetic treatment in order to restore the skin to its normal, beautiful state.

Dark Patches and Lines

Melasma, which involves brown or grey patches that appear on the cheeks, forehead, chin and above the lip, is very common during pregnancy. It is normally triggered by hormones. Sun protection is the suggested treatment for melisma and pregnant women are advised to use sunscreen every day by dermatologists.

Linea nigra is a dark vertical line that runs from the navel to the pubic bone. It is also triggered by hormones during pregnancy and usually appears after the fourth month. Both melasma and linea nigra usually disappear after child birth, but in some cases, the mothers may exhibit these conditions for years. It can be safely treated after pregnancy with laser treatment or with topical medication.

Stretch Marks and Pruritic Uticarial Papules and Placques of Pregnancy (PUPPP)

During pregnancy, stretch marks might appear on the hips, stomach, upper thighs or breasts. Some pregnant women may develop an itchy rash called pruritic uticarial papules and placques of pregnancy (PUPPP) towards the end of their pregnancy. Lasers can help decrease the redness present in stretch marks and PUPPP usually disappears after pregnancy.

Acne and Scarring

Pregnant mothers may get acne due to hormonal changes or heightened levels of cortisone in the body (because of stress). Although acne is usually not severe, in some cases, it can result in scars. There are many topical medications for acne which are completely safe and can be used during pregnancy without the fear of harming the baby. Please keep in mind that picking and scratching of acne must be avoided at all costs as it can lead to infection and scarring.

Abdominal Sagging

The loose abdomen after child birth can be tightened with the help of thermage treatments. Thermage treatment involves a noninvasive procedure that is used to tighten and contour the skin.

Spider Veins

Facial spider veins might appear on your nose, cheeks or chin during pregnancy. Although these visible blood vessels are normally not a serious concern, they can be unsightly to look at. Lasers and photorejuvenative therapy can be used to treat spider veins. Laser treatment is suitable for all types of skins and it provides immediate and long-lasting results.

Spider veins may develop on the legs too due to the pressure of the baby on the abdomen. They can be treated using laser therapy too.

Now, in case you face any skin problems during your pregnancy, you know you are prepared for them!