DR Pavitra The Power of Breast-Feeding

The very first question for a mother right after the baby's birth is if she could give enough milk to the baby. No new mother is able to feed in first 3 days from the time she delivers the child. Breasts produce colostrums at the time of giving birth and proceeding through the earlier days of breastfeeding. Just after the 3rd day a mother will be able to feed the baby with her milk. Therefore because of no sucking refluxes the questions on breastfeeding along with fear makes no milk development in a mother.

Straight after baby is brought out of the womb, a thorough cleaning of the body has to be done. This is actually to prevent the baby from any harmful infections and also because the baby has its own sense of smell and this acts as a guide for the baby to latch. The glands around aureola of a breast produce the exact same smell as that of amniotic fluid surrounding a fetus, and that is an indicator of food for the baby.

Within an hour after baby is born, without any cleaning if the baby is laid on a mother’s body surface that is skin on skin then there happens natural crawling of the baby. With that sense of smell the baby can latch on to the mother breasts and there the baby establishes the first suckling reflexes. So once the baby gets this self-guidance, from then on baby can easily latch on every day. Within the first 2-3 days whether or not mother feeds the baby, the suckling of breast by a baby is important because the glands get stimulated and that is an indication for the breasts to release the milk laid.

In the course of the baby in foetus the harsh and hard sounds are muffled but right after birth certainly there happens more sensory stimulation, and the baby nervous system get irritate and they suppose to sob. So babies do not only cry for milk as their tummy size is so small and the colostrums there in is a protein and fat rich milk. So it stays for a day or two. When the mother starts milk laid down also there is no need to feed the baby every hour, but the baby on demand is necessary.

The more nearer the mother and the baby, the more likely mother can able to catch hunger cues. Whenever the baby is hungry, they first sense the smell related to rooting reflexes. During the rooting reflexes mother need to take the baby for milk feeding that is when easy laid down of milk takes place. In case the baby cries for milk that is a last sign of distress. So During the rooting reflexes if the mother gives milk, the baby latch milk completely enough. To know whether or not the baby having enough milk, if the baby urine for 10-12 times a day that is when the baby is having sufficient milk.

If mother consumes healthy, rich protein food, the balanced nutrition successfully passes on to baby there by the baby gains weight. Just only taking in bread and milk of a mother so that milk laid down is developed Is a myth. Water, protein and fat are however important in a mother's diet, along with it breast feeding diet should also include like galactogogues (garlic, pepper) which induce and increase milk production. So it is very essential to observe the diet plan of the mother.