Exercise During Pregnancy

Regular exercise keeps us healthy and active. It builds bones, strengthens muscles and gives us energy. Exercise is just as important, if not more, to women at the time of pregnancy.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

When you are pregnant, you feel tired often. You see yourself gaining weight. You may not feel your best at times. Please understand that these symptoms are completely normal during pregnancy and exercise could provide some relief. By exercising for at least 30 minutes on most, if not all days can benefit you in many ways –

Regular exercise will keep your body fit during pregnancy and help you deal with the pain of labour better. Exercise will also allow you to get back in shape easily after pregnancy.

Choosing the Right Exercises

Most types of exercises are safe to be done during pregnancy. Having said that, there are some exercises which involve certain positions that could be tiring or harmful for pregnant women. For example, after the first trimester, it is advisable for pregnant women to avoid any exercises that require them to lie on their backs. They should also avoid standing idly for long stretches of time.