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    Lamaze classes
    is to help increase a woman's confidence..
    number of techniques are taught in Lamaze classes of
    which controlling breathing was just one.
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    Your diet is important
    during pregnancy time.
    The mother's diet is the important thing that determines
    the baby's health and development.
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    When you are pregnant
    you feel tired often !
    Exercise is just as important, if not more,
    to women at the time of pregnancy.

Take care of yourself and the miracle inside you!

Pregnancy is one of the most valuable phases in every womans life.It is important to have the right education and care at this phase.Pampered momz provides you the care, knowledge and confidence needed to have a healthy and safe pregnancy.Be it prepregnancy care,lamaze classes,diet or pampering in the pregnancy medispa to free your self from the pains and aches or weightloss post pregnancy to get back into shape or discounted prices at major outlets to satisfy your urge for shopping pampered momz offers it all.

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A holistic approach to pregnancy & childbirth - Dr. Pavitra

Pampered momz provides pampering,pain relief, couple retreats, diet, nutrition, meditation and pregnancy lamaze classes to ensure complete relaxation of your mind, body and soul and prepare the mother for child birth

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Pampered momz has been created to educate pregnant mothers about healthy and natural birth practices.The goal is to provide a memorable pregnancy and birthing experience to women.


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